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Charles Stroud, Certified Relationship Coach and Domestic Violence Counselor

My work focuses on teaching men and women the necessary tools to facilitate healthy, potent and immensely rewarding romantic relationships. 

Emphasizing safe and effective communication, purposeful boundaries, mindfulness and authenticity. I try to awaken every man and woman to embrace the journey of love - self love, and romantic love. Change is constant, but growth is optional. I would be proud to accompany you on this journey. 

Charles Stroud

Areas of Expertise

Relationship Coaching for Men, Women and Couples
What is Included?

1 on 1 coaching

Private and confidential coaching calls with me utilizing my Harmful to Healing (H2H) system to achieve your results

After Hours Support

Timely support via email between sessions
Independent Study
Improve your skills  through self study assignments and specific targeted activities between sessions
Create a life worth living
Wake up and live a more inspiring, focused life learning to utilize painful challenges as a path of growth and awakening

Resources: Personal Toolbox

Accumulate your own personal toolbox of practical and useful techniques that you can use in every aspect of your daily life. Allowing you to create your own living force field
Charles helped me gain clarity by offering me different perspectives on relationship issues. Nothing was sugar coated and Charles was authentic and genuine with our sessions. I learned about the mental effects that certain actions can have on someone. I'm thankful to have someone like Charles.

Brian W

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Pittsburgh, PA

Tel: 412 - 254 - 3526

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