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How is my privacy protected?

I take your privacy and confidentiality very seriously. It is important for me that you know how your privacy and confidentiality is treated. 

. Everything you tell me is confidential

. I don't work with any insurance companies so nothing needs to be shared, reported or filed with them.

. My browser is encrypted (SSL) and behind a vpn.

Is Coaching The Same as Therapy?

No, coaching is definitely not the same thing as therapy. Where as therapy is designed to help people address and overcome a variety of emotional and psychological disorders. Coaching is intended to help healthy clients achieve greater success, happiness and overall wellbeing in their lives. However, if you are an individual having some concerns or doubts regarding your psychological health I encourage you to seek professional advice from a licensed therapist.

How much does coaching cost?

I offer a free initial 30 minute consultation. The cost of my Signature package is $1400. Please contact me to get more information about other available package options.  All packages can be cancelled at any time, for any reason. ​

How often do we meet?

If you opt for the Signature package, session are held twice a week for 3 months for a total of 24 sessions.  In this packages you will be expected to complete relevant assignments and/or complete tasks that you will be held accountable for. You will also have the ability to check-in with me via email between sessions if you need support or resources. Please contact me for package details. 

Where and How do the sessions take place?

Sessions are facilitated via Teams; which is free to download. For all scheduled sessions you will be provided an appointment link. 

Can I keep working with you after my intial session expires?

Yes, I do continue to work with people after the initial package has expired. This would clearly depend on your needs and varies from person to person. Length of additional package can be discussed. 

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