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Introducing the Harmful to Healing System

If you were waiting for a sign that 2023 could be different for you, then this is it.

Why H2H? 
It will allow you to create both internal and external changes that you’ve already spent way to much time wanting to and trying to change on your own. You will feel more confident, more capable, more empowered, more determined and more peaceful. 
In only 3 months, you’ll change what you think of yourself, what you think and feel about your partner, other people and things that matter to you. You will change what you believe you are capable of and what you thought was possible. 
It’s a $1400 investment in you and your relationship, with payment plans available if preferred.  We’ll start almost immediately. We’ll have 24 sessions over the course of 3 months, with email and text correspondence along the way to support you between sessions. Get the results you desire, no matter where you are. 

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